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Syd Lawrence Orchestra Society


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A Greeting from the Chairman, Les Chenells

Hello and welcome to the homepage of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra Society. We are an organisation run by and for supporters of the Best Band in the Land, and with over 1,500 members worldwide, we are the largest big band support society in the world.

The society actively supports the Syd Lawrence Orchestra and keeps members informed with news concerning the orchestra and its members. This is achieved through our Bi-Monthly magazine which is packed full of articles, reviews, pictures, interviews and other information about the Orchestra. Each magazine is accompanied by an up to date listing of all the concerts coming up in the following months. The society also occasionally helps out in the funding of special projects related to the orchestra – the latest of which is the website you are browsing.

The Syd Lawrence Orchestra Society holds an annual convention which is held at Britain’s only 5 star holiday resort – Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton-On-Sea, Norfolk. Members meet for 3 Days of “Big Band Heaven” with concerts, Dances and Special Events. Book now to avoid disappointment! (0845 437 9890)

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If you feel, as we do, that this sort of music deserves to be kept alive, then please join our Society.

The annual subscription is only £12.00 per household, Overseas membership is £14.00. Your support is vital. It is so easy to join, just click the tab on the left hand side of this page to print out an application form. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest member.

Many thanks,

Les Chenells


The Society is run by an Executive Committee:

Les Chenells           -      Chairman

Margaret Grant       -      Treasurer 

Chris Dean              -      Vice President / Editor 

Malcolm Jenkins     -     Deputy Chairman                     

Marion Fry              -     SLOS President / Committee Member 

Peter Hourahine      -    Committee Member 

Trevor Johnson      -     Committee Member

Merv Hill                -     Committee Member 

Maureen Rule         -    Committee Member 

John Hooper           -    Committee Member

Ron Barnes             -    Committee Member 

Debbee Forster       -    Secretary

If you have any further questions about the Society, please email Debbee at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Debbee Forster